ILL, Interlibrary Loan service

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A service offered by the libraries Sudoc / Sudoc PS

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) and/or Distance Document Delivery (DDD) are part of the document sharing system implemented by the Sudoc and Sudoc PS networks.

This national system allows users registered in a library to obtain, in the form of a loan or photocopy, any documentary resource (article, book, thesis, journal, etc.) identified in the Sudoc catalogue as being "available for ILL" in one of the 1,800 libraries participating in the ILL network.

The ILL network is made up of all the member libraries of the Sudoc network as well as numerous libraries participating in the Sudoc PS network, identified for the richness or rarity of their periodical collections. These libraries can assume, by various technical means, the role of document requester and/or supplier.

Note: a dozen foreign libraries also participate in the scheme and have privileged access to the French network

more information: see thestudy on the modernisation of the EPB


 The PEB, a technical device based on the Sudoc

Within documentary institutions, the ILL system is based on tools configured byAbes and interconnected with Sudoc :

  • Supeb: integrated into the WinIBW cataloguing interface, this tool enables libraries Sudoc to provide and borrow documentary resources on behalf of their readers. A chaining system is offered to institutions wishing to delegate the management of ILL (applicant and supplier) to one of the libraries within their perimeter
  • PebWeb Pro: integrated into the Sudoc public interface, this tool enables libraries in the Sudoc PS network, as well as foreign libraries under agreement, to borrow documentary resources on behalf of their readers and track ILL requests.

Please note: the libraries in the Sudoc network have the possibility of authorising certain users (doctoral students, researchers, etc.), which implies the allocation of dedicated identifiers (login/password). Authorised users can thus prepare their ILL requests from the public interface of the catalogue Sudoc and follow the steps of its processing by their home library.


Integrating the ILL network

Network libraries Sudoc

Each institution (ILN) is encouraged to participate in the ILL network, for example through one of its libraries, thus facilitating the circulation of documentation within the ESR community. This service is included in the " base " covered by the membership agreement for the networks and services ofAbes.

The options available for participating in the ILL network require certain settings to be made byAbes. Each library (RCR) can :

  • to join the Supeb network as a full-service library
  • to set up a chaining between libraries, which aims to delegate the ILL management to another library deployed in Supeb

For any request for parameterization : ABESstp helpdesk > Sudoc pro > "Interlibrary loan" domain.

Network libraries Sudoc PS

Libraries that are members of the Sudoc PS network can benefit free of charge from PebWeb Pro, a tool for managing ILL requests. Participation in the ILL network implies the signature of a Declaration on the use of the PebWeb Pro service in which the library undertakes to respect the purpose of the service. Consult the model Declaration

For all requests for integration into the ILL network: ABESstp helpdesk > Sudoc Pro > "Interlibrary loan" area (copy the CR - Network Centre Sudoc PS)

Foreign Libraries

Some ten major foreign libraries are currently participating in the French ILL network, enabling them to sendILL requests via PebWeb-pro to libraries Sudoc. Participation in the PEB network implies the signature of a Declaration concerning the use of the PebWeb Pro service, in which the library undertakes to respect the vocation of the service. Consult the model Declaration.

For all requests to join the ILL network: ABES helpdeskstp > Sudoc Catalogue > Interlibrary loan


Get to know the participating libraries

  • The complete lists of the different libraries participating in one or the other network are available under the heading "For download".
  • The contact details of the libraries and their ILL policy are available in the "Service" section of the Directory of Resource Centres.
  • Librarians who are members of the network Sudoc can access the contact details of the ILL services of the member libraries of the Supeb network from the WinIBW professional interface.