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Composition of the Sudoc PS Network

The Sudoc PS Network is organized around 32 Sudoc PS Network Centres (RCs) according to a distribution :

  • for establishments located in the provinces and according to a breakdown prior to the implementation of the NOTRE Act
  • for establishments located in Paris and the Ile-de-France region.

The 32 Sudoc PS Network Centres coordinate the activities of 2,982 libraries participating in the Sudoc PS Network. (2020 data) :

  • 1,536 member libraries of the network Sudoc
  • 1,542 libraries (municipal, documentation centres, archives, etc.) following an agreement with the library hosting the CR Sudoc PS (based on their geographical location / the specificities of their collections)

Sudoc PS Network member libraries benefit from a range of services in this area:

  • the reporting of serials in the database Sudoc
  • participation in the enrichment of ISSN data with the application CIDEMIS
  • administration of copy data with the application COLODUS
  • the visibility of serials collections from the catalogue Sudoc public
  • from the use of service of Interlibrary Loan (PEB)
  • the visibility of periodical collection statements with the application Périscope
  • the possibility of associating with a Shared Conservation Plan for Periodicals (regional or thematic)

Training courses and professional days are regularly organized by the Managers of the PS Network Sudoc Centres.


Sudoc PS Network Centres in the regions

Sudoc PS Network Centres in Ile de France