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CIDEMIS, fluidify the ISSN circuit

The professional application CIDEMIS - ISSN Application Circuit was developed byAbes in partnership with the ISSN France Centre and CIEPS.

Available to member libraries of the Sudoc and Sudoc PS networks, the professional application CIDEMIS is used to submit requests for ISSN allocation and/or correction of ISSN records to the 90 ISSN centres worldwide.

 CIDEMIS facilitates the various stages of the ISSN circuit by establishing a fluid workflow between the various players: cataloguers, Network Centre managers Sudoc PS, Abes, ISSN France, CIEPS. The application allows for the dematerialised transmission of supporting documents accompanying any request for ISSN numbering or correction.

Note: access to CIDEMIS is subject to authentication and is reserved for cataloguers in the Sudoc network and for CR managers in the Sudoc PS network

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COLODUS, facilitating copy management

Within the Sudoc PS network, the completeness of the copy data is particularly important as it accurately reflects the collection status of serial publications reported in the institutions.

Available to library professionals who are members of the Sudoc and Sudoc PS networks, the professional application COLODUS is used for the administration of copy data (creation, modification, deletion) linked to the bibliographic records of Sudoc.

Note: access to COLODUS is subject to authentication. The COLODUS identifiers of the member libraries of Sudoc PS are assigned by the Network Centre managers Sudoc PS. Please contact your local RC for more information.

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Périscope compare periodical collections

The professional application Périscope is mainly used by the continuous resource managers of documentary institutions, notably in the framework of the implementation of Periodicals Shared Conservation Plans (PCPP).

The application Périscope provides the following services:

  • bibliographic and location information from a search on a periodical title: allows the identification of institutions holding a copy of the periodical searched for 
  • visualization and comparison of the collection status of periodicals available in the member libraries of the networks Sudoc / Sudoc PS
  • identification of PCPPs through the allocation of "PCPP codes" where this information is available in the package insert
  • identification of the status of collections: identification of complete collections and incomplete collections
  • improving data quality: identifying inconsistencies in reporting, particularly between bibliographic records and collection status

precision: Périscope is freely available on the web

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