The Heads of Centres of the PS NetworkSudoc

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Role and missions

As part of their mission, the Network Centre Managers Sudoc PS are responsible for the bibliographic control of serial publications reported on Sudoc on behalf of the documentary institutions within their regional or thematic scope.

Their main mission is to coordinate and develop reporting activities for serials collections in the Sudoc. Since the implementation of the target agreementsThe missions of animation, prospecting and coordination of structuring projects at the regional level are reinforced.

These missions are formalized in a function sheet which provides facility managers with the elements needed to integrate these functions into functional organization charts and staff job descriptions.

Please note: RC Managers have access by profile from the Methodological Guide Sudoc enabling them to take charge of their function and accomplish their missions


Training and communication

At the beginning of each academic year, an offer of training is made to Heads of PSP Network Sudoc Centres newly appointed.

To facilitate communication between RC Managers and/or with the Abes :


Documentation practice

The RC managers have at their disposal different models of documents useful for their activity with the partner libraries of the Sudoc PS network: