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The data Sudoc are available to the members of the networks Sudoc and Sudoc PS to produce various bibliographic products.

SELF Sudoc

The professional application SELF Sudoc is available to Sudoc Coordinators and CR Managers Sudoc PS (authentication required) for the autonomous design of bibliographic products such as :

  • a library's catalogue of continuing resources
  • list of unicas records (copies held by a single library in the network)
  • list of library records (RCR)
  • list of identifiers attached to an institution
  • list of information extracted from library records (RCR)
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Exports on demand

A Order form - Exports on demand is available to Coordinators Sudoc and Centre Managers of the Sudoc PS network (authentication required).

Please note: depending on the type of bibliographic products requested, the signing of a data transfer agreement between the institution andAbes is sometimes necessary.

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