Cataloguing of Continuing Resources

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Shared cataloguing consistent with the ISSN Registry

The database Sudoc is regularly updated with the records created or modified from the ISSN RegistryA global bibliographic database of serials. The content of these records is authoritative within the cataloguing Sudoc and Sudoc PS networks. As a result, a number of fields in descriptive records for serials in the ISSN Sudoc are "under ISSN authority". The content of these fields may be changed by cataloguers only if accompanied by a request using the the CIDEMIS application.

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Please note: the records can however be completed and enriched with information not included in the ISSN Registry (e.g.: Rameau indexing).


Cataloguing under the responsibility of the PS Network Sudoc Centres

These are the Heads of PSP Network Sudoc Centres which ensure the cataloguing and bibliographic control of serial publications on behalf of the documentary institutions within their perimeter (regional or thematic).

As with the other information resources identified in Sudocthe WinIBW based on the records in the ISSN Registry.


Exemplarisation, an operation to improve the accuracy of collection statements

The accuracy of serials collection statements is fundamental, particularly in the context of the implementation of the Plans for the shared conservation of periodicals (PCPP).

In order to create their own copies and thus locate the serials they consider it useful to mention in the SSP NetworkSudoc, professionals from the documentary institutions that are members of the SSP Network Sudoc have at their disposal the professional application COLODUS (identification required).


Managers of continuing resources have at their disposal PériscopeThe PS Network is a professional, self-access interface that allows for the viewing of continuous resource collection statuses reported by each institution in the Sudoc PS Network.

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