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ItAbes administers a range of tools and methods for diagnosing the quality of the data produced and for correcting anomalies. Professionals use them on a daily basis for their own quality projects or for retrospective reporting operations.

In methodological terms, the CERCLES Sudoc and CERCLES devices BACON illustrate the possibilities offered by networking to optimize data quality.


The CIRCLE device Sudoc

The CERCLES - Correction and Enrichment by the Corpus Network of Higher Education is designed to help member institutions of the network Sudocto invest in a structured way (monitoring framework, calendar, tools) to provide the necessary enrichment to the records of specific corpora.

This system meets the needs of many libraries which, rather than organizing their own bibliographic record enrichment projects based on the corpus acquired, pool the quality projects for the benefit of all the establishments in the network, thus creating a true "virtuous circle". 

Within the CERCLES system, itAbes ensures :

  • the coordination of work sites between establishments
  • logistical and methodological assistance provided to experts from the institutions
  • the promotion of institutions involved in the improvement of the Sudoc
  • the relay of information concerning the progress of the worksites

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CERCLES quality device