Support for retrospective reporting

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Depuis 2010, l’Abes perçoit des financements de la part du MESR, son ministère de tutelle, complétés depuis 2018 par un financement en provenance du GIS Collex-Persée, afin d’accompagner les établissements dans le cadre de leurs projets de signalement rétrospectif des collections. Cet effort continu en faveur de la complétude du signalement des collections a pour objectif de valoriser les fonds documentaires n’ayant pas encore fait l’objet de catalogage dans le Sudoc.

In 2021, projects from 45 institutions received a grant.

Annual call for projects

Pour 2023, l’Abes invite les établissements du réseau Sudoc à déposer leurs demandes de subvention pour un soutien à des opérations de signalement rétrospectif, en remplissant ce formulaire :

In order to facilitate the preparation of responses, the full questionnaire is available.

Les dossiers doivent être déposés au plus tard le 16 décembre 2022.

more information : presentation of the device

Accompanying retrospective reporting operations

As a national operator,Abes provides methodological, technical and library assistance to any member institution of the Sudoc network engaged in retrospective reporting operations, whether or not these are co-financed byAbes.

  • Methodology Guide: a normative tool for production in the Sudoc - current or retrospective
  • Support for quality control of records produced as part of a retrospective report in Sudoc : WinIBW order lists and displays to ensure quality control



Since the early 1990s, the retrospective conversion of university library catalogues has been the subject of an ongoing programme by the various ministries of higher education and research. Within this framework, two national contracts (2001-2004; 2005-2009), managed and financed by the MESR, have enabled the retrospective conversion of nearly 1.8 million records.

In 2011, a study by Bureau van Dijk Information Management (a consultancy and services company specialising in information management) drew up a detailed assessment of the reverse conversion operations carried out in Sudoc since 2000 and formulated proposals for theAbes action programme.

In June 2012, the Scientific Council of theAbes established recommendations, in particular concerning selection criteria for projects co-funded by theAbes, which determine the axes of the retrospective reporting policy in the Sudoc. These recommendations have been validated by the Board of Directors ofAbes.